Wednesday Nights

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5 July was the first of our Wednesday night supervised sessions, that means that Associate Members can come and use the facility, knowing that there will be at least one Steering Committee member there to help and answer questions. Also, it is open for the public to visit and see what the Club offers and sign-up, if interested. If you come with a Member Friend to work on something together, you should read the waiver form, fill in a Donation envelope, insert $5 for the day and put the envelope in the donation box. This allows for one-off use by Member Friends and family visitors.

We had about half our members turn up this Wednesday, plus 3 visitors. After general introductions and chatting, they got down to working on building our Tevo Tarantula 3D Printer. It takes a while to put these kits together, even with a group of people. In fact, it could be quicker doing it on your own. But that isn’t the point – the idea is to work together wherever possible, share the experience, learn from each other and develop friendships and unexpected skills. With construction manual open, 2 computers connected to youtube video instructions and a bunch of “advisers” overseeing the process, good progress was made. We now have 2 part constructed 3D Printers plus a fully functional one on loan from the Technology Learning Centre at BLT.

If you can stand it, here’s another group building the kit – turn off the volume


  1. An excellent introduction to:

    – How to become involved with the Oceanside Community Network

    – The way we use informal ‘teams’ to build our knowledge within
    a supportive social setting

  2. I had a blast! Hope we can get some printing going with it soon.

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