Another Wednesday

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Time zips by and the 2nd Wednesday came round. We had another great turnout and a couple more visitors. We unloaded wood from the BLT2GoBus – to make two long tables and put a good smooth work-top on the workshop bench. Terry and Robert installed two sets of blinds in the kitchen windows (from the Salvation Army shop). David worked on setting up the 3 circular saws and the large band-saw. Paul and Shawne continued to work on the two new 3D Printers, and once things settled down a little, I offered to go through the basics of using the HICTOP 3D Printer.

This 15-20 min intro turned into something like an hour and a half discussion on the whole process of what 3D drawing tools to use and how to draw your own models. Everyone seemed to be very focused and asked lots of questions. I showed off my 3D Printed Dremel carriage, drawn in FreeCAD (not an easy tool to get used to, but once you have it worked out, it is very usable). The Club now has the professional 3D Modelling software SOLIDWORKS, made freely available to us by Paul Manhas of 3DS and Dassault Systemes. Come and give it a try – take a look at Youtube videos of the web first – it looks easy once you’ve got some experience. Join us at the next supervised session next Wednesday evening 6-9 pm.


Dremel Holder, 3D Printed

Dremel Holder, 3D Printed

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