Wednesday 26th

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Every week progress is being made. Dave and Rob finished off the 2 large tables and I switched things around a bit – we now have a 5×8 ft table area in the centre of the “dining” space and a 4×8 ft table top on the other side of the kitchen. There is a donated Raspberry Pi setup with garage sale TV and a Pi for Dummies Book. A Ubuntu Linux Laptop and a Win 7 laptop to work on. I moved the TLC 3D Printer to the presentation area and we now have the 2 new/reconditioned Win 7 HP desktops with our 2 3D Printers, up and running – may need some further adjustments, but Poul and grand kids got the Delta printer printing and Shawne finished putting the Tevo Tarantula together and got that printing.

Chris and Justin worked on their games programming tasks, using the projector and screen to allow people to see and ask questions about what they were doing.

Terry and grandson Robert did work on their robot vehicles and built a new project wind turbine. They had it completed before the end of the evening and Bob helped them with the wind needed to make it light up.

It was good to have everyone focused and working together, making things happen. I was quite surprised that no visitors turned up, even though several people did tell me they would come-see.

Another Wednesday evening and then on Saturday the 5th Aug, 1-4 pm, we will have a work-party / open afternoon,  so, if you are wondering how to get in to see what is happening, these planned times are the best times to come.

We need more members, active sponsors, donations of money and some selected equipment – so, if you have anything to offer, get in touch – John on 250-947-8258 (leave contact details) or use the contact form on this site.

Happy Making

ps. I just made a Shop-Vac dust separator – more on that in the next message.



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