Fun With Electronics (October)

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We are continuing our kids Fun events on Saturday mornings 9-12 am, throughout October …

Bring your kids to the Makerspace and have some fun making and learning at the same time.


Halloween Pumpkin Card – light up your pumpkin.










MICRO-KIT # 21 – The Halloween Bat-O-Lantern





$5.00 donation to MakerSpace for parts only – Drop-in for October FREE

Involved Parts:

  • Wooden base – is pre-assembled
  • “bat” or “spider” object with holes pre-drilled for eyes
  • 2 LED lights
  • 1 battery pack with connection wiring included
  • 1 on/off switch, 1 battery pack included

What will student learn:

  • Basic concept of powering LED lights from batteries
  • Power of a battery pack and other potential projects
  • How to install LEDs and other potential uses
  • How to do elementary soldering under supervision

Age range 6-14 yrs, all kids must be accompanied by an adult.