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Canada Day – Open 1-4pm

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We are opening to the public on Canada Day (1 July 2017), from 1 to 4 pm

The Makerspace is located below the McMillan Arts Centre, at 133 McMillan Street, Parksville. So, check out the MAC upstairs, then drop by our new Community Makerspace. See how it is progressing, offer to get involved or sign up and become an active member. The potential is great, it requires imagination and drive. Share your skills with others, pass on some of your experience and expertise and learn something that you didn’t know.



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Milestone – we have a Space

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Right from the initial thinking period, I had a couple of places in mind for hosting the Makerspace. One was in Qualicum Commons (the old elementary school) as we have a BLT Munchkinland in there and I live in QB, so it would be easier for me to access and respond to emergencies. The other option was the ground floor of the McMillan Art Centre, which just happened to become available around the time BLT was informed of its Grant allocation. So, after 3 months of project prep work, we now have a signed tenancy agreement with the InclusionPV to use 133 McMillan Street (lower floor), Parksville, as the location for the Oceanside Community Makerspace. We get access from the 1 June 2017 and plan to have some kind of open day session at the same time as the McMillan Art Centre on Canada Day – 1 July.

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The Project Starts

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The idea to try to create a local Makerspace for the Qualicum and Parksville area had been brewing for a while, but in mid 2016, the call for proposals for a New Horizons For Seniors grant came out, funding that we have been successful in getting in the past. So, we decided to make the effort and developed

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In the Planning Process

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Hello to all Oceanside Community residents. BLT are planning a new community club, especially for Maker people, that is people that like to make things. The focus will be on Computers, Electronics, Robotics, Science and Technology topics, with smaller wood work and metal work shop tools and some general crafts and hobbies support. Watch this space for more details of when we will open for business.

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