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January Bird Feeder

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4 station peanut butter Bird Feeder.

If you have enjoyed the Fun with Electronics programs and are looking for something a bit different, why not try some wood-work and also feed the birds in your garden.

This Feeder requires assembly by:

  1. Drill 9 holes (which will be monitored under supervision in our woodworking shop)
  2. Assemble the 4 small pegs into the 4x4x6” solid centre housing.
  3. Screw in the 3” hook into the top
  4. Fill one of the 4 holes with peanut butter supplied

… and you are DONE!

Cost of this project is just $15 and assembly time about 1 hour and is available any Saturday in January

Let us know if you are coming (bring your kids) –

Checkout the Doctor Who Tardis, story below …

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Tardis Travels

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Message from “Norbert the Maker”

Three of us at MakerSpace have borrowed Dr. Who’s Tardis (British blue telephone time machine) and gone back in time to the days of King Arthur and captured Spyro the dragon and he is on display and available for purchase at MakerSpace.


Our second trip was to the smurf village and rescued Papa Smurf from the evil Gargamel and he is also on display and available for purchase at MakerSpace. Papa Smurf is a 1 hour 3D print.


Our third trip in the Tardis took us to the north pole where we brought back Rudolf the red nosed reindeer along with Frosty the snowman which are also on display and available for purchase at MakerSpace.

Our forth trip being planned is to locate and bring back the elusive Bugs Bunny for Easter.  We have a picture of bugs but no luck yet and will be talking to Elmer Fudd soon.

Dr. Who (originally from the Gallifrey cosmos) his Tardis, time machine is available for viewing as well as available for purchase at MakerSpace. The Tardis is a 4 hour 3D print.

Check with Norbert at 954-8401 or for pricing and availability.

Don’t forget we have a special guest appearance, Rudolf the 6 foot reindeer will be here on Saturday at 1pm at MakerSpace

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Wood Carving

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New for Members on Thursday nights, 6-8:30 pm

(Non-Members can register and just pay the $5 drop in fee – contact us

If you haven’t “whittled a stick” since you were a young-un, or just fancy having a go, come and join Francois in his Eco-Friendly Scot’s Broom den, where he turns the invasive Broom into spoons, forks, bowls, wood-chips and dust.

Francois will provide some carving tools and safety gloves, but bring your own tools if you have them.


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Pop-Bottle Rocket

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Build an Air/Water powered Coke-Bottle Rocket:

Next Date – email us if you are interested:

Bring two, 2 ltr Pop Bottles (Coke bottles work), and a floor mount bicycle pump with a pressure gauge (if you have one). Some danger involved – safety issues will be covered.

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Aliens Are Coming!

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More Fun with Electronics – as Plastic Aliens appeared on our 3D Printers.

Come and help us capture them and glue them to a wooden block and see what happens to their eyes. Learn how to solder, and add LED lights, or go to the extreme and see his eyes glow.

Saturday morning, 17 November, start 9:30 to 12:00










The basic Alien Block is just $5 to create and take home – have some fun and show it to your friends.

Learn some basic soldering and add an Alien light to the model, for just $15. Or learn how to make his eyes light up for $20. Pay on the day, but contact us to book your place:

Phone Norbert 250-954-8401 or email

Age range: 6-14 yrs, must be accompanied by parent/guardian.





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Fun With Electronics (October)

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We are continuing our kids Fun events on Saturday mornings 9-12 am, throughout October …

Bring your kids to the Makerspace and have some fun making and learning at the same time.


Halloween Pumpkin Card – light up your pumpkin.










MICRO-KIT # 21 – The Halloween Bat-O-Lantern





$5.00 donation to MakerSpace for parts only – Drop-in for October FREE

Involved Parts:

  • Wooden base – is pre-assembled
  • “bat” or “spider” object with holes pre-drilled for eyes
  • 2 LED lights
  • 1 battery pack with connection wiring included
  • 1 on/off switch, 1 battery pack included

What will student learn:

  • Basic concept of powering LED lights from batteries
  • Power of a battery pack and other potential projects
  • How to install LEDs and other potential uses
  • How to do elementary soldering under supervision

Age range 6-14 yrs, all kids must be accompanied by an adult.


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