Aliens Are Coming!

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More Fun with Electronics – as Plastic Aliens appeared on our 3D Printers.

Come and help us capture them and glue them to a wooden block and see what happens to their eyes. Learn how to solder, and add LED lights, or go to the extreme and see his eyes glow.

Saturday morning, 17 November, start 9:30 to 12:00










The basic Alien Block is just $5 to create and take home – have some fun and show it to your friends.

Learn some basic soldering and add an Alien light to the model, for just $15. Or learn how to make his eyes light up for $20. Pay on the day, but contact us to book your place:

Phone Norbert 250-954-8401 or email TheOceansideMakerspace@gmail.com

Age range: 6-14 yrs, must be accompanied by parent/guardian.





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Pop-Bottle Rocket

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Build an Air/Water powered Coke-Bottle Rocket:

Saturday 24 Nov 2018, morning 10-12. Please pre-register (below) or email us if you have questions: TheOceansideMakerspace@gmail.com

Bring two, 2 ltr Pop Bottles (Coke bottles work), and a floor mount bicycle pump with a pressure gauge (if you have one). Some danger involved – safety issues will be covered.

Cost includes all other parts: Non-Members $25, Regular Members $20, Full Members $15

Email or Pay Below to Register: TheOceansideMakerspace@gmail.com

Select drop down for member pricing

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Learn to Make Metal Art

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The Oceanside Community Makerspace brings you an opportunity to meet our new Jewelry Special Interest Group and see some of the wonderful work that they are producing. Begin with this amazing workshop that will introduce you to some of the basic skills needed to make your own metal products.


Makers Metal Arts Studio Mixer
Thursday December 6th from 6-9:00 pm
Fee: $25.00 


The Metal Arts Studio is offering a class to make one of several projects, to introduce you to using specific metal tools and techniques. You can choose either a pendant, key-chain or Christmas ornament.


Included in the class fee
Metal for you to complete one project, the use of tools and supplies necessary to complete your project.
You will learn to:
  • cut metal to desired shape
  • sand to a smooth finish
  • texture using various hammers and pliers
  • use a drill press
  • how to dome the metal
  • add jump ring or key ring to the finished product
Space is limited so please book early by contacting Valerie Harty.
Email transfer to  vharty@live.ca

Pay on-line (Paypal):

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Fun With Electronics (October)

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We are continuing our kids Fun events on Saturday mornings 9-12 am, throughout October …

Bring your kids to the Makerspace and have some fun making and learning at the same time.


Halloween Pumpkin Card – light up your pumpkin.










MICRO-KIT # 21 – The Halloween Bat-O-Lantern





$5.00 donation to MakerSpace for parts only – Drop-in for October FREE

Involved Parts:

  • Wooden base – is pre-assembled
  • “bat” or “spider” object with holes pre-drilled for eyes
  • 2 LED lights
  • 1 battery pack with connection wiring included
  • 1 on/off switch, 1 battery pack included

What will student learn:

  • Basic concept of powering LED lights from batteries
  • Power of a battery pack and other potential projects
  • How to install LEDs and other potential uses
  • How to do elementary soldering under supervision

Age range 6-14 yrs, all kids must be accompanied by an adult.


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First Lego League

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You may have come across Chris Morrissey – a Makerspace member, long term volunteer at the Technology Learning Centre and the SOS. He’s set himself the task of bringing internationally renowned robot competitions to the Oceanside area, by teaming up with an established group in Calgary – JunioTech. It’s a Lego program and it looks very comprehensive. He has already signed up a full class of local kids to train for a First Lego League competition in February 2019 in Victoria. OCM will be hosting the classes and we wish Chris and the kids all the best in their studies.

First Lego League

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Soldering Project #1

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Soldering #1 Voice Activated LEDs

Monday September 24th from 6 to 9pm
Come and build a voice activated LED (light).  When you make noise the LEDs will blink.
You will solder all the components.  Along the way you will learn what each component is and how it works in the circuit. You need to have basic soldering skills.

Cost includes the kit to take home:

Non-Members $25, Regular Members $20, Full Members $15

Email or Pay Below to Register: TheOceansideMakerspace@gmail.com

Select drop down for member pricing

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