More Progress

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Just over 2 months open and things continue to develop. The Wednesday supervised evenings are always busy, being the time for social members and visitors to make use of the Space and connect with other members. The workshop has gained a couple of useful items, with a drill press and band saw from Makerspace Nanaimo and a pedestal grinder from a garage sale. We acquired a kitchen removal to be re-purposed, through Vince at Counter Measures, and with his further help, we are working to create a 13 foot length of counter top and cupboards/drawers.


Re-Cycle Kitchen Cabinets

Re-Cycle Kitchen Cabinets

Re-Purpose Kitchen Cabinets

Re-Purpose Kitchen Cabinets






Ron, a prominent member at Makerspace Nanaimo, offered us

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New Sponsor

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Wednesday evenings continue to be very busy, with new people visiting and joining, additional donated items, and best of all, Oceanside Community Makerspace is happy to Announce our first local company Sponsor:
Parks West Business Products

Parks West

Suppliers of Printing Shop, Electronics/Computing, Arts and Office supplies and services at 114 Hirst Ave E, Parksville, BC
The Owner and the electronics dept head, are
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Wednesday 26th

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Every week progress is being made. Dave and Rob finished off the 2 large tables and I switched things around a bit – we now have a 5×8 ft table area in the centre of the “dining” space and a 4×8 ft table top on the other side of the kitchen. There is a donated Raspberry Pi setup with garage sale TV and a Pi for Dummies Book. A Ubuntu Linux Laptop and a Win 7 laptop to work on. I moved the TLC 3D Printer to the presentation area and we now have the 2 new/reconditioned Win 7 HP desktops with our 2 3D Printers, up and running – may need some further adjustments, but Poul and grand kids got the Delta printer printing and Shawne finished putting the Tevo Tarantula together and got that printing.

Chris and Justin worked on their games programming tasks, using the

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Wednesday Nights

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5 July was the first of our Wednesday night supervised sessions, that means that Associate Members can come and use the facility, knowing that there will be at least one Steering Committee member there to help and answer questions. Also, it is open for the public to visit and see what the Club offers and sign-up, if interested. If you come with a Member Friend to work on something together, you should read the waiver form, fill in a Donation envelope, insert $5 for the day and put the envelope in the donation box. This allows for one-off use by Member Friends and family visitors.

We had about half our members turn up this Wednesday, plus 3 visitors. After general introductions and chatting, they got down to working on building our Tevo Tarantula 3D Printer. It takes a while

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Another Mile-Stone

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We made it to the launch day, and what a day to pick. The weather was beautiful, we opened at the same time as the McMillan Arts Centre, upstairs, after the Canada Day Parade and we finished before the evening festivities began. The 1st of July was a good day. We pretty much had everything setup the way we planned (pretty much) and almost all the existing members and regular helpers were able to turn up on the day to offer their support, even on a Holiday weekend, a one-in-150 year, day.

People began to look-in as soon as I arrived, at about 11:30, and at 1pm the trickle turned in to a flood. We had a wide range of visitors, including individuals and families, old and young, arty and techy, curious and keen and several were so excited they joined on the spot, and went home to get things to donate and items to help make things work – a previously donated Commodore 64 came to life, for example (remember those?).

We had a 3D Printer making iPhone cases and another new 3D Printer being put together by a member. (we have a third, to be constructed – come see, Wednesday evening 6-9pm). There was a sign-making vinyl cutter being demonstrated, a Retro-Pi games emulator playing old computer games, a table of various Railway-Carts manned by our train enthusiasts. The tiny laser engraver was on show and all the 19″ Rack-Mounted old style electronics and computers were in a couple of parts of the Space.

Many people signed our guest book and I’ll be following up with those that left their email address.

We now have 18 members (on opening day) and still have a lot of work to do to make the Space fully functional, but we have the skills and the enthusiasm, we just need to work through all the tasks. The next big Milestone will be the end of the Summer Break, when we will need to have recruited more members, signed up a number of sponsors and have educational programs and regular events organised. Why not sign up and help, get a Social Membership for as little as $10/month (minimum period, 3 months). Making Things …



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Canada Day – Open 1-4pm

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We are opening to the public on Canada Day (1 July 2017), from 1 to 4 pm

The Makerspace is located below the McMillan Arts Centre, at 133 McMillan Street, Parksville. So, check out the MAC upstairs, then drop by our new Community Makerspace. See how it is progressing, offer to get involved or sign up and become an active member. The potential is great, it requires imagination and drive. Share your skills with others, pass on some of your experience and expertise and learn something that you didn’t know.



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