Model Railway People

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We had a very busy afternoon yesterday (Sat 4th Nov). Jim and Al invited Railway enthusiasts to come to the Space to see if they might find our facility of interest, may be even join, or better still, create a Special Interest Group with the OCM and create a Railway display that can be developed and added

Model Rail at OCM

to by a number of members, all sharing their individual skills. It’s a big step and another commitment, so it is still “in progress”. But, if you are a Model Railway person and would like to see what is being discussed, call Jim on 250-594-2893.


We also had a couple of other visitors, including Christina, Cait and Mike, and Lana and Aiden (Mum and Son), as well as all the usual members. Was good to see everyone there. Makes it a very active place, with a lot of smart people to talk to – nice to see Aiden (teen age).

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Qualicum Maker Fest

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Time flies when you are getting old(er) and I’m pretty late writing a note about the first Qualicum Beach Maker Fest, organised by the QB Chamber of Commerce and located at the Farmer Market, on Saturday the 23 Sept. Local maker/craft type clubs and individuals were invited to have a table to present their interest to the public. The OCM took 2 tables, created a 4ft poster board for the back wall and had a 3D Printer in use. The Makerspace Nanaimo club setup next to us, with the Flyers on the other side (some personal connections between these two groups), and a new Makerspace operation in Courtenay also came – MakeIt.Zone

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More Progress

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Just over 2 months open and things continue to develop. The Wednesday supervised evenings are always busy, being the time for social members and visitors to make use of the Space and connect with other members. The workshop has gained a couple of useful items, with a drill press and band saw from Makerspace Nanaimo and a pedestal grinder from a garage sale. We acquired a kitchen removal to be re-purposed, through Vince at Counter Measures, and with his further help, we are working to create a 13 foot length of counter top and cupboards/drawers.


Re-Cycle Kitchen Cabinets

Re-Cycle Kitchen Cabinets

Re-Purpose Kitchen Cabinets

Re-Purpose Kitchen Cabinets






Ron, a prominent member at Makerspace Nanaimo, offered us

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New Sponsor

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Wednesday evenings continue to be very busy, with new people visiting and joining, additional donated items, and best of all, Oceanside Community Makerspace is happy to Announce our first local company Sponsor:
Parks West Business Products

Parks West

Suppliers of Printing Shop, Electronics/Computing, Arts and Office supplies and services at 114 Hirst Ave E, Parksville, BC
The Owner and the electronics dept head, are
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Wednesday 26th

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Every week progress is being made. Dave and Rob finished off the 2 large tables and I switched things around a bit – we now have a 5×8 ft table area in the centre of the “dining” space and a 4×8 ft table top on the other side of the kitchen. There is a donated Raspberry Pi setup with garage sale TV and a Pi for Dummies Book. A Ubuntu Linux Laptop and a Win 7 laptop to work on. I moved the TLC 3D Printer to the presentation area and we now have the 2 new/reconditioned Win 7 HP desktops with our 2 3D Printers, up and running – may need some further adjustments, but Poul and grand kids got the Delta printer printing and Shawne finished putting the Tevo Tarantula together and got that printing.

Chris and Justin worked on their games programming tasks, using the

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Wednesday Nights

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5 July was the first of our Wednesday night supervised sessions, that means that Associate Members can come and use the facility, knowing that there will be at least one Steering Committee member there to help and answer questions. Also, it is open for the public to visit and see what the Club offers and sign-up, if interested. If you come with a Member Friend to work on something together, you should read the waiver form, fill in a Donation envelope, insert $5 for the day and put the envelope in the donation box. This allows for one-off use by Member Friends and family visitors.

We had about half our members turn up this Wednesday, plus 3 visitors. After general introductions and chatting, they got down to working on building our Tevo Tarantula 3D Printer. It takes a while

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