Membership Options

The following image shows the new model starting 1 July 2018, on our 1st Anniversary. We are trying a single option for all new members – just $20/month and we will increase the number of supported access times and types of activity. A major impact will hopefully be to families, as a parent can now join and just sign-up their under 16 year old children for FREE. Wednesday evenings are still our Drop-in session, so, come along and see how things work.

Membership Pricing


Below, is the first year pricing model – I’m sure you will agree that the new methods is simpler and much more affordable, especially for involving children and grand-kids.

The basic model of operation of the Club will be through a typical annual membership fee, currently based on $40/month, with a 3 month minimum joining period. To be paid at any time during the year and to be renewed on the expiry date. During 2017 (start-up year), we discounted these Full Member rates, while we were setting up the Space.

We are currently not taking Annual Memberships, in an effort to synchronize the majority of current members to around the July 2018, the start of our second year.

We recognize that some people will not be able to afford that level of cost, or only want to try out the service for a few months, or may leave town through the winter, so we have defined a number of other option to allow you  to be involved in this new and exciting club:

Single: $40/m, annual per month $480
pay monthly, minimum period 3 months, 3x$40 = $120
pay annual, first month 11x$40 = $440
add a named child (under 19 must be accompanied by sponsor) for $10/m or $110/yr

Family (2 adults and 2 children, same address all named): $75/m, annual per month = $900
pay monthly, minimum period 3 months, 3x$75 = $225
pay annual, 11x$75 = $825
add an additional named child (under 19 much be accompanied by sponsor) for $10/m or $110/yr

Friend of a Member (must be accompanied by sponsor): for $20/m or $220/yr
need friends address, phone and email, and members name no membership rights

Social Membership – don’t need access to a workshop on a regular basis: for $10/m or $110/yr
have a special evening each week (say Wed 6-9pm) and a weekend (e.g. Sat 1-4pm) where a committee member will be on duty and all social members can use the space and facilities, plus they get discounted access to all the events we run (might be worth $2-5 for a drop-in presentation or $5 discount on a $10-40 training session) – no key-fob allocation.

Makerspace Interest Group: “I think OCM is a great idea and fully support it, anything I can do to help, just ask!” If this sounds like you, get on our Interest Group mailing list and we will let you know how to help.

Methods of payment: Cash, Cheque (to OBLT – comment Makerspace) or Paypal (credit card)
Membership starts with your first payment
Access to the space will be from 9am to 9pm or better, and 7 days a week (for key/fob holders)
We have key-fob entry and security cameras
Use of some machines and tools will only be allowed after appropriate training or demonstrated skills
All appropriate safety measures should be taken. There will be a Liability WAIVER form to sign.
No Smoking, Drinking, Drugs or any illegal activity, No pets (except service dogs).
Lots of creativity, friendship, sharing, laughing and fun in general.
We trust you will find this space a positive and productive place to spend your time.

Membership Liability Waiver Form, you will be expected to sign this

Go to our Links Page to find where to get relevant software from.