Poster: Come and Join Us, (PDF July 2017)



3D Printing

Get pre-made Models and some source code drawings. Thingiverse

You will need a 3DP user interface + slicer, there are a few:

Cura, Repetier, Pronterface, Slic3r

3D Drawing/Modelling

For Our SketchUp Drawing Classes:

64 bit Windows version

32 Bit Windows version

MAC version 2016, OSX 10.9 or later

MAC version Google SketchUp 8, OSX pre 10.9

STL Exporter Plug-in

Or Try these Tools:

  • SketchUp Make 2016, pick language and OS and download
  • Get the STL plugin for Sketchup
  • FreeCAD, a bit tricky, practice and it’s good, similar style to Solidworks
  • 123D Design, get the pre-Fusion-TinkerCAD, download and use version
  • Fusion 360 for students, register and tell them you are parts of OCM
  • Solidworks 60 day Edu Trial, the Professional Tool, it’s in the Makerspace
  • DraftSight – 2D drafting for free, from same place as Solidworks
  • LibreCAD – Another Free 2D option
  • SCAD – the programmers 3D CAD software
  • TinkerCAD – online version from AutoDesk
  • OnShape – online Full-Feature CAD